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Tuesday 22nd October 2013

This week’s study continues with the 4 P’s of Christ’s Priesthood. Look back to last week’s study for the first and second P’s.

3 – The Programme of His Priesthood

Obviously, this programme follows the pattern that is already familiar to us by our study of the Earthly Sanctuary.
If the Heavenly Sanctuary is the original, and the Earthly is the miniature or copy, there must be a close correspondence between the programme of ministry in the two sanctuaries – at least, in general features – else, what point would there be in comparing them?
The most conspicuous feature of the Earthly Sanctuary Service was its two-fold division. It was conducted in two apartments, and the full year’s programme of ministry was divided into two phases – Daily and Yearly.

From this comparison we conclude that the two phases of ministry in the Earthly Sanctuary during one year, provide a key to the two phases of ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary during the whole Christian era.

The keynote of the Daily Service on earth was the continual priestly ministration of the blood of sacrifice, and the continual rising of the incense of intercession. This corresponds with the first division of Christ’s heaven;y ministry.

1 John 2:1 “An Advocate with the Father”
Romans 8:34 “Christ makes intercession at the right hand of God”
Hebrews 7:25 “He ever liveth to make intercession for us”
Revelation 5:6 “A Lamb as it had been slain”

The keynote of the Yearly Service on earth was the judgement and final blotting out of sin. This corresponds with the second division of Christ’s heavenly ministry.

Hebrews 9:23 The Heavenly Sanctuary, like the Earthly, must be purified or cleansed from the defiling shadow that sin has cast.
Daniel 7:9-10 The books are opened for final judgement
Acts 3:19 The promise of the “blotting out” of sins in a “last day” setting
Revelation 22:11 All human destinies decided and characters fixed. Rewards apportioned.

4 – The Power of His Priesthood

Three New Testament words describe the power of Christ’s priesthood. They are: “He Is Able”.

Hebrews 7:25 “He is able to save to the uttermost”
Hebrews 2:18 “He is able to succour them that are tempted
Jude 24 “He is able to keep us from falling and present us faultless” to God.

Jesus in His present role as our great High Priest, is the inexhaustible supply of all our needs. He is the evergreen, moment-by-moment REALITY which was pictured so vividly by the various symbolic features of the earthly sanctuary:

The Human Priest – Access to God through Jesus
The Ark and Law – Righteousness before God through Jesus
The Mercy Seat – Acceptance by God through Jesus
The Blood of Sacrifice – Reconciliation with God through Jesus
The Golden Candlestick – Enlightenment from God through Jesus
The Table of Shewbread – Sustenance from God through Jesus
The Altar of Incense – Continual Fragrance of Jesus’ Intercession before God

We learned in the previous study of


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