Bible Study

Every Tuesday at The Church Hall

Schedule for Bible Study:

  • Everyone is welcome as we read the bible together and search deeper to find answers to humanity’s questions!

1. The Christian’s Duty


2. The Word of God

God's Word is Truth

3. Acceptable Prayer


4.  Does God Allow Pain & Suffering?


5.  Power & Programme of Priesthood


6.  Jesus Has Unfinished Business in the Sanctuary


7.  The Practical Value of the Sanctuary Service

The Sanctuary Service

8.  The Ordinances of the Church Part 1: Baptism

Baptism in Father Son and Holy Spirit

9.  The Two Seals


10.  Christ Our High Priest

Christ Our Hight Priest

11.  Spiritualism

Cambridge Young Adult Spiritualism

12.  The Nature of Man & State of the Dead

State of the dead

13.  The Origin of Evil Angels

The origin of evil angels

14.  The Ministry of Angels

The Ministry of Angels

15.  Origins of Sunday Observance 

Sunday Observance

16.  Sabbath: Did it Change in the New Testament?

saturday sabbath

17.  Sabbath: An Extended Study

Holy Sabbath Rest

18.  The Law & The Gospel

Law and the Gospel

19.  The Prophecy of Daniel 7

sabbath bible study

20.  The New Millennium 

1000 years new millenium

21.  Destiny of the Wicked

Cambridge Bible Study Destiny of the Wicked

22.  Home of the Saved 

Home of the Saved

23.  Signs of Christ’s Coming

signs of Christ's coming


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