Cambridge Church’s Weekend Extravaganza

Cambridge church members joined with a local community choir to raise £196.00 in two hours  by carolling in their nearby shopping centre.  The event, in support of the Hobart Road Soup Kitchen, was just one of many moments to celebrate over the first weekend of December for the Cambridge church.
A baby dedication, a birthday, a baptism and a 25th wedding anniversary were among the other elements of the day that brought the church together in celebration.
Pastor & DionParents Michael Starkey and Carine Nzotekoumie, new members of the church, chose the 6th December for the dedication of their year-old baby, Luke. Alongside the baby, their eight-year-old son, Dylan, was also dedicated to God.
Cambridge church pastor, Colin Stewart, and his wife, Patricia, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on 3 December and shared the special moment with the church that Sabbath.
“There is never a more important decision for a parent than to choose to recognize God’s role in the upbringing of their children”, said Pastor Stewart. “We are so happy to be part of this family and in a similar way, happy to see the church be part of our family as we celebrate this amazing milestone in our marriage.”
Another special part of the day was when 13-year-old Dion Ferreira, a young man who had showed dedication and determination in studying the Bible, was baptised into the church family. The church was overjoyed and heartily welcomed and encouraged their newest member. His mother, Delcely, even sang him a special song of welcome.
Group PhotoAfter a morning full of excitement, some of the church members then joined friends from a community choir to sing carols at the Grand Arcade shopping centre. Their efforts were rewarded seeing the excitement from shoppers, who both recorded videos of the group and sang along with them. The Hobart Road Soup Kitchen is a joint initiative between the church and the local community.

“It’s amazing to see how much people enjoy this season and actually think about Christ”, commented Teresa Robinson, a local resident who has worked with the church on several occasions. “I’ve seen so many people who are disabled and who don’t appear to have considerable wealth giving the most. God is so good!”

To round off the busy weekend, the church witnessed the first ever Adventist Book Centre (ABC) sale on Sunday, 7 December. The shop had a steady flow of customers stocking their libraries and finding gifts for loved ones. Local residents who had heard about the one-off sale also attended, some with their families and friends!

See a selection of photos in our gallery on our blog.



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