Cambridge Ranked 6th in UK’s Top Cities

If you ever had doubts in what Cambridge has to offer, rest assured it’s got a fair few gems under it’s belt and comes recommended among the top ranked city scoring 6th place in the Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards 2014.

If that wasn’t enough, Cambridge topped the bill for culture among all the other cities, ideal for anyone looking for a true British city break.

There’s lots to do in this wonderful city, visiting all the historic colleges and university buildings, punting on the river Cam, or afternoon tea at many of the lovely bistros and cafes.

It comes recommended by the thousands of students that flood the city every year, so if you haven’t visited yet, come and see what you’ve been missing!

The UK’s favourite cities 2014:

1. London

2. Edinburgh

3. Bath

4. York

5. Brighton

6. Cambridge

7. Oxford

8. Chester (new entry)

9. Glasgow

10. Manchester

11. Bristol

12. Liverpool

13. Salisbury (new entry)

14. Newcastle

15. Norwich (new entry)

What do you think, should Cambridge have scored higher or lower?


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