iOS8 to Roll Out Free…

It’s almost time for another Apple Update! While you get excited about all the features, don’t forget to prepare and back up your devices!

If you’re excited about iOS 8 like we are, then you’ll be happy to hear that Apple has announced it will be released to the public next Wednesday, September 17th. The new mobile operating system will come pre-installed on all iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets that buyers will be pre-ordering and purchasing next week.

iOS 8 comes with tons of awesome new features, like Healthkit, quick-reply, a smarter keyboard, new ways to message people with your voice, integration of phone calls and SMS with your devices, new native applications, and much more. The operating system has been in beta since the Summer.

It’s worth noting that iOS 8 will drop support for the iPhone 4. Only iPhone 4s and later can run the iOS 8 firmware. For a full list of supported devices, refer to the list below:

  • iPhone 4s

  • iPhone 5

  • iPhone 5c

  • iPhone 5s

  • iPod touch 5th generation

  • iPad 2

  • iPad with retina display

  • iPad Air

  • iPad Mini

  • iPad Mini with retina display

Original Post | Modmyi

If you aren’t excited yet, you should be! Or tell us why not below…



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