Download Our Cambridge Student Welcome Guide!

Are you or is someone else you know starting a course at one of the highly esteemed institutions in Cambridge this Autumn?

We want to be among the first to welcome you to our city! We hope you’ll have a great time, making new friends, getting involved in extra-curricular activities and making the most of all the opportunities that come your way. 

Join us for our Student Welcome Service on Saturday 4th October 2014
15 – 19 Hobart Road, Cambridge, CB1 3PU
Morning Service 10am   |   Main Service 11am   | Afternoon Programme 3pm

We hope you’ll enjoy and succeed in the course you’ve chosen and we’re here to help you on that journey, starting with our very own Freshers Open House for new and returning students. This gives you a chance meet other students living locally and find out what programmes and services we offer.

We can imagine your mind is already full of schedules, timetables, and reading lists so we’ve condensed our top tips and useful information to help you shake off the summer vibes and get back into study mode.

Download the Cambridge Church Student Guide HERE

A HUGE welcome back to all our returning students – it’s not been the same without you!

Finally, we want to wish you a great academic year, and if you need anything – get in touch!


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