Eat Your Water!

If you are among several people who struggle to maintain fluid levels in during the day and hit the recommend daily water in take, hit the target from another angle and eat your water instead with these recommended foods complied by

8 Most Hydrating Foods


1. Cucumber – 96 percent water

Cucumbers might seem like pretty nutrition-light veggie, but they’re actually a pretty good source of antioxidants and even anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting compounds.

How to eat them: Make some pickles, drop a few slices into your water glass (double hydration!).

Iceberg Lettuce hero-ec28593f-eef6-400d-a211-6716f720e56a-0-472x310

2. Iceberg Lettuce – 96 percent water

I know, iceberg lettuce is the polyester of vegetables. I think of this leafy green as sort of neutral, nutritionally. It has basically no calories. How to eat it: Try some of these no-salad lettuce recipes.


3. Celery – 95 percent water

Celery has cleansing properties that not only keep you hydrated but may just help your body fight acne from the inside out.

How to eat it: Of course, you can use celery as a chip replacement for dipping into hummus.


4. Radish – 95 percent water

Do you think of radish as that veggie that you pick out of a boring side salad? These low-calorie veggies are easy to grow and can be super delicious if you prepare them properly.

How to eat it: Check out these radish recipes or branch out and try daikon radish.


5. Zucchini – 94 percent water

Summer squash like zucchini are packed with water but also with polysaccharides that help your body regulate blood sugar.

How to eat it: Try it sauteed with toasted chia seedsbaked in this oven fries recipe, or in this fancy pants galette.


6. Tomatoes – 94 percent water

Do I even need to tell you that tomatoes are healthy and delicious?

How to eat them: Slice them into a tomato sandwich like Harriet the Spy, roast them up for a smoky salsa, or cook them into a hearty soup.


7. Strawberries – 92 percent water

Berries like strawberries are some of the best foods for healthy skin. They’re hydrating foods that are packed with antioxidants to help skin cells regenerate.

How to eat them: Slice them into a refreshing summer salad or blend them up into fruit milk.


8. Watermelon – 92 percent water

Watermelon helps aid digestion and can even help boost your mood. Eat it right off of the rind or in some of the recipes below.

How to eat it: Puree into a cooling agua fresca, try it in a melon salad

Sources: University of Kentucky Extension Service, SFGate; 


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