Carry On Dating While Married!

Date Your Wife When the Kids Go Back to School

All across the UK parents are busy to and fro with summer activities for the kids from camps to swimming galas to day trips and sleepovers! If your kids are grown, you may be lucky enough to find more time to steal away with your husband or wife, but when your kids are young, summer might be a whirlwind and before you know it, you miss out on quality time with your spouse.

So although this great post is aimed at when the kids are back to school, here are some great ways to keep dating your spouse – you have four weeks to plan and something to look forward to!

By Jackie Bledsoe

date your wife

The coffee house date for the couple who works outside the home.

When both of you work outside the home, it can be challenging because after getting the kids together for school you are both off to work. One creative way to do this is to find a coffee shop that is mid-point between your places of work and/or your kids’ school. Plan a rendezvous time and meet up for a mini-date over tea or a bagel.

The physical date for the fitness couple.

If fitness is your thing, you can plan to meet at the gym, back at home, or your favorite running/biking course. This can be after the kids get dropped off, or you can coordinate to do it on your lunch break. If your schedules don’t permit either of those, then wake up early and get a nice morning aerobic workout at home, or jog around the neighborhood.

The night owl date for the couple with very little time.

Maybe the first two ideas don’t work for you because of work schedules or distance between school, home, and work. Over the summer, our schedule is very flexible, especially bed times. When summer ends and school starts, we get back to predictable schedules and bed times. Get your kids to bed at a certain time consistently, and be intentional about using that time before you go to bed. You can talk, watch your favorite show, exercise, or read a book. Whatever it is, be intentional about doing something together during this time.

The vacation day date for the couple who wants more than a couple hours.

Sometimes you want more than a couple hours in the evening, or a few minutes between school drop-off and check-in time at work. Another creative way to date your wife is for both of you to take a day off from work. Plan in advance some things to do and just spend the day together while your kids are at school. Depending on where you live, you could make a short road trip, go on a shopping spree, or do whatever you wish within the six or so hours your kids are at school. No matter what type of couple you are, dating your wife is important. Back to school time for your kids provides consistency in your schedules that you can use to spend quality time with your wife when you get creative.

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