Salvation Only Through Jesus

Salvation Only Through Jesus
Online Bible Study

1. What is the natural state of everyone?
Romans 3:23
Everyone is born sinful and in need of repentance and salvation of God.

2. How much of our nature is sold to sin?
Romans 7:14, 18
Everything. Sadly when Adam and Even sinned in the beginning, our humanity had fallen too. The only good in us comes from God alone.

3. How many parts make up the nature?
1 Thessalonians 5:23
Body, soul, spirit, 
physical, mental, and moral.

4. Does any part of this threefold nature perfectly meet the mind of the Creator?
Romans 3:10-19; 8:7
All are sold to sin, and every part of our being must be submitted to God. Humans being sinful by nature means unless governed and submitted to God, we cannot meet God’s laws.

 5. Will hatred of sin save us from it?
Romans 7:15; Acts 3:19.
Unfortunately not, the only way to be saved from sin is accepting the only One who never sinned, Jesus. Turning away from sin and repenting can’t be done in our own strength.

6. Who is the only Deliverer?
Matthew 1:21; Acts 4:12

From the beginning of time, God has always pointed the way to Salvation, which has always been Jesus and remains the only way to this day.

7. What new power does the Saviour bring to sin-marred souls?
Matthew 1:23; Ephesians 3:17
The strength and ability to overcome sin. The Saviour’s love buried in our hearts will help us to love mankind in a way that reflects God’s love and the sacrifice He made to save us from sin.

8. By God’s dwelling in flesh, what was seen instead of sin?
John 1:14. Compare 1 Timothy 3:16.
The glory of God was seen, in His son Jesus who was full of grace and truth.

9. When we truly believe and receive Jesus, what comes into our flesh?
John 1:12, 13 – Power

John 14:23 – Father and Son
John 14:17 – Holy Spirit

10. When does the transformation begin?
Ephesians 1:17, 18 – Understanding 
Ephesians 4:23 – Spiritual part of the mind 

Romans 12:2 – Renewing of the mind 

11. What is then demonstrated in the flesh?
Colossians 1:27
The richness in glory of a life with God becomes evident in practice to others around, in action, word and conduct.

12. What divine relationship is thus restored?
Romans 8:14; 
2 Corinthians 6:17, 18
The relationship between God as a Father and Provider of those He created.


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