Men Don’t Need Money to Dress Well

Dressing well is your basic right, and most importantly, if you want to hold your head up in society, it is your duty. Dressing well doesn’t mean that you spend thousands on clothing. No, dressing well is basically a combination of good clothing and the confidence to match.


You’d be surprised at the importance of wearing the right shoes. Be it an interview or a casual date, wearing the right pair of shoes can make the world of difference. Women take a very keen look at the pair of shoes you’re wearing, and because of that, it’s very important that you buy a few pairs of shoes that can be worn on different occasions. You also need to maintain them; clean them up so that they are always in pristine condition.


Visit a store, and you’ll come across a number of different fashion tees that have huge logos or pointless sayings and quotes plastered across the front. You don’t need to become a walking, talking billboard. Lose the logos on the front, and buy a couple of shirts with a classic V- neck or a crew cut. You can even put on a henley, as long as it doesn’t have any visual imagery on the front.


For women, it’s about looking young, feeling young and dressing young. For men, the scenario is slightly different. You need to age your look a little, so that you’re no longer perceived as a boy. Anything you wear that you wore in school should be totally removed from your wardrobe. And, that means getting rid of all those casual clothes such as your cargo pants, sweat shirts, jeans shorts, sweat pants and track pants. Replace your wardrobe with collared shirts, khakis and cotton trousers, that you can wear anywhere without a big worry.


The backbone of any good wardrobe is white and blue colored collared shirts. The fact is, across the globe, white and blue colored shirts can look good on any type of body shape, as well as skin complexion. There’s a reason why 90% of all the collared shirts that are made are either white or blue. Find a few in a style that suits you, and invest in them.


The very first paragraph of this article talks about the concept that people harbor in their minds regarding brand images. The more expensive an item is, the better it will look. Essentially, this is not true. Sometimes, even clothing bought from a thrift store can look excellent on a person, as long as they know how to carry it off. As long as it looks good on you, nobody will be interested in reading the tags on it! Moreover, not running exclusively after branded clothing will also help you save a great deal of money. Buy what looks good, not that which has an expensive branded tag attached to it.


Sometimes, the last thing that you put on is usually the first that gets noticed by the people. The difference between a sharp, well dressed man and a commoner lies in the minor details. Anybody can wear a suit, but very few people can actually pull it off. Put on cufflinks, use tie pins make sure that the collar of your shirt is upheld. There shouldn’t be any sort of creases in the collar of your shirt at all, and it is vitally important for you to ensure that you put on a starched, clean and stain free shirt. Even the smallest of stains on a clean and neat attire can destroy the whole image, so make sure that you learn to care for your clothing.


It is not necessary that what is in fashion might look good on you. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to break free of the fashion trends before you can decide upon looking good. Wear what looks good on you rather than run around buying stuff that has only just been released. A lot of men make the mistake of wearing stupid articles of clothing, and then thinking that they look good in them. Whenever you go shopping, always take someone along who can help you realize what looks good and what doesn’t. When you go to shop alone, you often end up making impulse purchases, that do little to help you in dressing better.

Original Post: Bilbr


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