Some of the Best Note-Take Apps

Apple particularly, being one of leaders in the technology industry with its innovative iPhone and iPad devices, is always known to produce high quality products.

But an iPad for Students means much more than a conventional tablet use, taking their particular education needs into account. Starting from primary school proper teaching is required, but even proper teaching methods are not enough to get high scores at exams.Taking better notes is one of the reasons to achieve good marks at exams. Today, that note-writing has gone to an electronic level in which taking a note is possible using Apps with students in mind. The iPad provides apps to take down notes quickly in a way that student can grasp everything the teacher or the lecturer teaches. Let’s have a look at some of the top best iPhone/iPad Apps for taking notes for students.

Some of these note taking iOS are free others have both lite and pro version available on iTunes. 

  1. inClass
    inClass is one of the best free apps available for iPad to take down notes. There you can have separate categories for separate courses. And for each category you are given the opportunity of storing the video notes, audio notes and pictures.
  2. Evernote
    Evernote is another iPad app in which the students can bookmark everything including the websites they have to refer during their lessons. With over 50 million users, Evernote is the supreme note-taking app. The app has everything you need, from being able to organize information from notebooks to sharing them with others. iPhone and iPad users can also record voice and audio notes, and sync all files.
  3. Super note
    With Super Note, users have the option to take notes with their finger, a stylus pen, or create voice recordings. Add drawings, photos, and be prepared for your next meeting or lecture. The notes are color coded so you can find what you’re looking for instantly. You can even set alert reminders on your notes so you don’t miss anything important. Transfer notes to other people using email or WiFi. Super Note is simple to use and is packed with tons of features that make this note-taking app stand out from the rest.
  4. Penultimate
    Penultimate is a free app in which you can write down the notes easily. There are students who still love to write the notes down in a way which they can study in their own. For those students Penultimate is very suitable. In this app different colors and different types of virtual papers are available. Therefore students can have their own way in creating notes to study and score high marks.

    Penultimate iPhone/iPad Apps for Students for Taking Notes
  5. Upad
    UPad is a stylus-based but throws text boxes into the mix. If you’re into visual learning, this could be the app for you. Draw a diagrams, mark up images and if you must, type a few words here and there. A surplus of templates, from monthly planners to doodle-ready landscapes, is an added bonus.
  6. Fetchnotes
    Fetchnotes is also a free app available for iPads in which organizing the notes is provided. Fetchnotes give the feature of labeling the notes where you can use hash tags to label the notes. Whenever you want to read those notes you can include the predefined hash tag within another note as well. Sharing notes is also given by Fetchnotes. You can use @ sign and type the name of the person you want to share the note with inside this great app Fetchnotes.
  7. Notability
    Notability is an awesome note-taking application. It comes with tons of useful features including retina ink to capture ideas, pdf annotation, advanced word processing, link audio recordings, and you can auto-sync your notes.

    Notability iPhone/iPad Apps for Students for Taking Notes
  8. Google Drive
    Google drive for iPad is also available for free. Students who like to store their notes in the Google drive is given the chance by this app. Google Drive for iPad can be used by students to create notes documents. If your school is using Google Apps for Education, your students are probably already familiar with how to use Google Drive. Of course, their notes will sync to their Google Drive accounts so that they can access their notes through any Internet-connected device.

    Google Drive iPhone/iPad Apps for Students for Taking Notes

There are lots of other paid Note Taking Apps on iTunes like iHomeworkiStudiez Pro and Outliner. Now its your turn to let us know that which apps did you find most useful for taking notes, keeping up with assignments, and helping you study?

Use the comments box to share your thoughts, you might help the next batch of students in their journey to exam success!

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