My Kidney Failure Bombshell

From the sick bed of dialysis he was healed!

GOD still answers prayers: Read our testimony

I don’t even know where to start from to start proclaiming how GOD has just been faithful to me and my family. GOD still answers prayers; He is a prayer answering GOD not a prayer storing GOD. I read this somewhere; GOD only gives four answers to our prayers, He either says yes, no, He has something better in mind instead or it’s not in His Perfect timing to grant your request. GOD might not come early but He never comes late. He is never in a hurry but He is always on time.


It’s concerning my younger brother, Daniel Efezokhae, he has been having one health challenge to the other right from birth and GOD has been too faithful. After a while, he became so healthy we were all grateful to GOD. In 2011, there was a bombshell; the doctor diagnosed him with kidney failure. It was as if our whole lives came crumbling. He got an admission that year and couldn’t attend because of his health issue. We prayed, cried and fasted. Things got worse by the day. He was placed on dialysis at St. Nicholas thrice a week. We believed GOD for the best. He was given so much drugs, he could have even started a small pharmacy in the house…lol! The more we prayed and fasted, the more his situation got worse. My mum became a walking prayer machine….my mum is one prayer warrior the devil can’t stand. GOD bless her abundantly for us.
There were so many times I felt GOD just wasn’t listening to our prayers and had forgotten us.

Those awkward times when you begin to ask yourself, Is GOD still there? My dear, GOD is always there no matter how we feel or think. He has said in His Word that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is ever faithful, ever true. At a time when he was on dialysis twice a week, we prayed and fasted like nothing else mattered. Then the doctors now said it will be increased to thrice a week. Aside from the dialysis, he had operations in between those trying periods and various visits to renowned consultants. Words can’t explain how trying those periods were for us. Even much worse was when I made a sacrificial offering in December, 2012 hoping unto GOD for a perfect healing. Just in January 2013, precisely the 2md week, my brother was placed in ICU unconscious and had lost his memory. At that point, Don Moen’s song “He never sleeps” stuck on. My dear, GOD works wonders in mysterious and mighty ways. Don’t give up on GOD for anything at all. Fears, worries, doubts and emotional stress will come but trust GOD.

He was then due for a transplant and then he proceeded to India accompanied by my eldest brother in February, 2013. GOD showed Himself in great and mighty ways. GOD’s Healing Power began to move. He was healed of hepatitis, ulcer, high blood pressure, body swellings and certain skin spots he had on some parts of his body cleared. GOD is so awesome. Those were really special moments in our lives. GOD was indeed turning away our captivities. And then the D-day came for the transplant to be done and GOD showed himself mighty. It took place on the 24th of May, 2013 and it was a big success. Even the Indian medical team said my brother’s case is a Miracle. Ps 126:2b- “then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them”. I just spoke to him now. We just talked about the different options of schools he is considering to attend. He is so much better, the doctors are amazed at the Wonders of GOD.

Whatever it is you believe GOD for, never give up on GOD. James 5:16b- ‘…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much’. Hearing stories of a woman whose son gave his life to Christ after 40 years that she had been praying for him and a guy who prayed for his divorced parents to come back together for 21 years and they did come back together really encouraged me. Join me in praising GOD, we have seen His Goodness.


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