Are All Prayers Acceptable?

Prayer – is there more to it than just talking to God? Are there any prayers that God would consider unacceptable?

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1. What is prayer?
Psalms 62:8
Prayer is the sincere desire of the soul 
expressed; the opening of the heart to God as to a friend.

2. Will God hear when we pray?
Psalms 3:4; 34:4, 6
God hears all the prayers offered up to Him, when we call out His name sincerely.

3. What is the first step in offering acceptable prayer?
The faith to believe God will answer it.

4. What is the basis of true prayer?
John 15:7
A two-way relationship with God, for us to remain in Him, and His words resonating within us.

5. What should be our state of mind in regard to all things asked for?
Luke 22:42

In all things, and in our honest communication with God, pray according to God’s will – which is ultimately what is best for us

6. Might we desire and ask for the wrong things?
James 4:3
God has promised to grant us the desire of our hearts, but God knows our hearts and knows when we ask for things which will not be good for us or with wrong intentions. These things God will not give us.

7. With what confidence should we come to God?
11:24; Matthew 7:7-12
With boldness of faith that whatever we would Ask of God, He has the power to give. True faith produces fervency in prayer, and will reap benefits for the requestor and fruits for Christ’s favor.

8. Should we doubt that God hears simply because we do not see an immediate answer?
James 1:6
We shouldn’t limit God by wanting an immediate yes for every prayer we offer. If we pray to live according to God’s will knowing that He knows best, we must believe that He will answer, whether it is a yes, no or wait a little longer.
Whatever the result, believe that God will answer, and will provide.

9. When will God refuse to hear us?
Psalms 66:18; Isaiah 59:2
Sin is what separates humanity from God, and in the same way, if we are holding onto and cherishing sin in our hearts, God cannot hear those prayers. It is necessary to be empty of selfishness and sin, in order to boldly approach God in faith and the belief that He will answer. Confession and repentance should be a component of every prayer.

10. Will God hear us when we deal unjustly with others?
Mark 11:25, 26
In order for Christ to full forgive us, we must forgive others and not hold sin against another. We can’t ask for forgiveness for ourselves if we are not prepared to practice forgiveness likewise.

11. What is forgiveness?
Matthew 18-23-35; 5:23, 24
Treating an offender as though 
he had not committed offence.
The biblical story demonstrates the need for people who are forgiven and offered grace, to exercise the same to another. 

12. How often should we pray?
Luke 18:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18; 
Romans 12:12
The Bible encourages us to always pray, seeking God’s hand of blessing before every task, work, battle, trial and every good deed. And we are reminded to pray without ceasing, in gratitude, for forgiveness and for supplication – all in faith.

13. What prayer habits should be formed?
Psalms 5:3; 55:17
Pray regularly, starting and ending every day with God.

14. Have we a record of anyone’s asking and not receiving?
2 Corinthians 12:7-9
Yes, because God’s will exceeded the prayer request. God’s miracles and triumph are seen brightest through trial and made perfect in our weakness.

15. What did Jesus say we should do when trials press us?
Luke 18:1-7
We should stand firm and hold on to the promise that God will answer. If even the unjust can answer requests, how much more will God who is just in all things provide for those who love Him.

16. Who is mentioned as an example of acceptable prayer?
James 5:17, 18 
The passage offers Elijah as an example of someone who prayed and God answered accordingly. But so are the great people of today who pray earnestly. There isn’t time to pray for everyone, only those who make time, taking it from something else important remembering that above all things, prayer and communion with God is the most important. It is this faith and commitment which drives people of God to produce wonders in God’s name.


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