God Heard My Prayer, And Gave Me Peace

Answered Prayer

On Thursday 18th April, Zukiswa, a nurse and mother of two contacted us with the sad news that she had contracted the deadly coronavirus, known in the middle east and Saudi Arabai where she lives and works.

The disease is one that attacks the Respiratory System of the individual, causing a range of issues, depending on the severity of the viruses in each case. Although the virus hasn’t broken out as an epidemic, it has claimed the lives of more than a third of those who contract it, with State health co-ordinators saying, “Coronavirus is a mutant of SARS virus and it is fatal, especially for those with compromised immune systems such as expectant mothers and the elderly.” 

There is currently no cure or vaccine for the virus, but medical treatment is given to symptoms on an individual basis.

Zukiswa was admitted to hospital, where suffering and in desperate help she reached out to us thousands of miles away to request for urgent prayer, not just for healing, but for strength and trust in God to get her and her children through the difficulty of illness, and the uncertainty of life in this situation.

Every day, the team prayed daily for Zukiswa and her family, and the medical staff helping her. Prayers were offered in groups over the phone, individually, and sent online back to Saudi Arabia where she could hear the comforting Word of God through Scripture and Bible verses to. which we were told helped soothe her suffering.

Finally today the 29th April, we received the miraculous news that she has been given the all-clear and discharged following two negative test results for further viral infection.

God had heard all the prayers of His children and granted Zukiswa back to health, ready and willing to give herself fully to the Lord.

It is our hope that you will be inspired by Zukiswa’s faith and trust in God in your situation also, and encourage others to find comfort in God’s Word for whatever they might be going through. God keeps His promises!

If you would like to submit a prayer request, please visit the PrayerWall.

Prayer is incredibly powerful, and if you want to be involved more in this incredible ministry, please contact us!



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