Make Weight-Loss Permanent!

By Skinny Ms.

There is no magic pill when it comes to weight loss. Long-term success comes from a combination of healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Our tips for permanent weight loss will give you a great foundation for making positive changes in your life.

27 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently

  1. Plan your meals for the entire week to avoid last-minute takeout temptation. Learn which Foods to Avoid and Foods to Include in Meal Planning.
  2. Keep tabs on your food consumption with a journal. Staying accountable, in writing, is a great way to avoid temptation.
  3. Don’t skip meals. Blood sugar crashes are sure to have you raiding the vending machines at work!27 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently
  4. Eat breakfast. Every day. Fueling your body at the start of the day will help you avoid unhealthy mid-morning snacks.
  5. Eat 4-6 small meals a day. Keeping hunger at bay means maintaining control of your diet.
  6. Serve yourself on smaller plates. The smaller the plate, the smaller the portion!
  7. Learn and use proper portion sizes. What is a Portion Size?
  8. Eat fruits and veggies with every meal. These nutrient-rich foods will keep you filled up and satisfied.
  9. Consume more fiber to feel full, longer.
  10. Reach for foods that act as natural appetite suppressants
  11. Snack smart. Stock up on these Whole Food Snacks.
  12. Take snacks when you’re on-the-go to avoid junk food temptations.
  13. Ditch the fizzy habit, including diet drinks.
    27 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently
  14. Hydrate your body with plenty of water.
  15. Make takeout a “sometimes” treat.
  16. Don’t eat in front of a glowing screen (that includes your smartphone). Paying attention to what you eat will leave you feeling more satisfied.
  17. Learn to read nutrition labels. Check out Quick Tips in Deciphering Food Labels.
  18. Exercise most days of the week.
  19. Keep an exercise journal.
  20. Find an exercise buddy who will help motivate you.
  21. Vary workouts so that you don’t get bored.
  22. Motivate yourself and get the body moving with awesome tunes.
  23. Buy a pedometer to wear every day.
  24. Do the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
  25. Reward yourself with non-food treats for meeting fitness goals. (Pedicure, anyone?)
  26. Track progress by regularly weighing or measuring yourself.
  27. Limit time in front of the TV and other tech distractions. Get moving instead.

Finding ways to lose weight isn’t always hard—the challenge is turning them into healthy habits. Make these weight loss techniques part of your lifestyle so you can get where you want to be: healthy, fit, and fabulous!



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