Core of Adventism Seminar

Cambridge Core of Adventism (2)

Everyone is invited to join us in a series of seminars understanding what the bible says about Jesus’ return, and the impact the events that lead up to it affect our lives today. These same biblical principles are core to our Adventism beliefs – perfect topics for anyone who wants to learn more about Adventists; and also for those who want to remind themselves of who we are!

The speaker for the week is Michael Pedrin, who is pastor of the SDA church in Mangalore, India, since January 2004. Recently He has been appointed as the evangelist for the Bangalore Metro Conference in India.

With a Ph.D. degree in Biblical Studies, and author of 6 books, he has been invited worldwide to share God’s message, speaking in churches across the USA, Canada, UK, Far East, Middle East and Africa.

Michael is married to Sushma, a dentist, and they are blessed with a son, Marc, who is 7 years old who will both be joining us on their trip to Cambridge.

Please invite your friends, neighbours and family members, and lets all learn together!

Saturday 10th May 2014 – Saturday 17th May 2014

15 – 19 Hobart Road, Cambridge, CB1 3PU

Check back soon for meeting times!


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