Do You Still Memorize Scripture?

memorizing scripture

Do You Still Memorize Scripture?

Some of you might remember our post from a few months ago about the benefits and consequences of memorising scripture passages. You can review that post here

Most of us wish we had better memories. It’s not only that a better memory would probably mean better grades and therefore a better job; we also see the benefit of a better memory in our spiritual lives.

Why Memorize Scripture
If we could memorize Scripture better, we would be able to recall God’s Word to help us in our trials, we would be able to counsel and comfort others better, we would be able to pray more in line with God’s revealed will, and we would be more effective witnesses and evangelists. Imagine that!

How? [Courtesy of HeadHeartHand]

  1. Start early
  2. Highlight
  3. Graphics
  4. Speak out loud
  5. Emphasize
  6. Set time limit
  7. Let the cement set
  8. Review and review
  9. Test
  10. Practice

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