Cambridge Bike Ride 2014

This year, we challenge you to join us as we pledge to cycle 2014 miles to raise £2014 for ADRA (Adventist Development Relief Agency). The money we raise will go to the annual appeal, which this year will help provide 4 women’s maternal health shelters in existing hospitals in Zimbabwe, and towards developing livelihoods in the Dry Zone of Myanmar
Find more information about ADRA’s annual Appeal 2014 here

Individuals who participate can choose to raise money for local charities, such as the Hobart Road Homeless Project, and the Romsey Community Garden. Any funds raised above our target, will be shared equally across these projects.

So how do you join in?

  • Download a Sponsorship form, Participant Personal Record Form and Bike Ride Flyer
  • Collect sponsors
  • Cycle with us on Sunday 30th March, Sunday 6th April, and Sunday 13th April. Cycle during the week to clock up additional miles. You can even use an exercise bike if you can’t get outside!
  • Don’t forget to pre-register for the group rides below!
  • After the period has ended, collect all the money from the sponsors and hand it in to the Cambridge SDA church on Hobart Road.

So grab your bike, your safety gear, lots of friends and relatives, and lets help make a difference doing something active!

Group Ride Routes Details Coming Soon!

Sunday 30th March 2014

Sunday 6th April 2014

Sunday 13th April 2014

None of the routes have set distances, each day the full distance will be decided by the group, depending on group dynamic and the weather. 

Group Ride Registration

ADRA Bike Ride 2014 Pink


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