Do You Claim Your Dual Citizenship?


Psalm 89:35-37; Isaiah 9:6,7; Matthew 1:18-21

Christians have dual citizenship—citizens of this world by virtue of our physical birth and citizens of heaven by virtue of our new birth. Despite difficulties we face daily, we’re grateful for our earthly citizenship: In America, we choose our leaders by voting, we speak our minds without the police arresting us, and we can pursue our goals.

Still, when tragedy strikes, such as 9/11 or people lose their lives from gun violence, or the powerful deny the rights of the weak, or we see persecution around the world, we long for a better society—one without violence or poverty—where all can reach their potential and contribute to society.

God’s people work to that end. At the same time, we know that an ideal world is only a dream until a new day arrives. God knows this too. It is why He promised to send His Son to pull it off. Isaiah 9:6 tells us that a throne name of God’s Son will be “Wonderful Counselor” because He will have a wonderful plan for the world. His name will be ‘Mighty God” because He will have unlimited power to pull off his plan. His name will be “Everlasting Father” because He will do what fathers do: procreate, provide, and protect forever. His name will be “Prince of Peace” because He will bring wholeness and well being to individuals and to society.

Until He returns to do all this, we tell others of God’s love and forgiveness, and we help those who hurt.

You can listen to the full Audio File here


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