Things Every Student Thinks During a Lecture

21 things every student thinks during a lecture

Listen, we all come to university to learn things. Like how to use the washing machine and pay bills and tolerate living with people who make tea different to us… But here’s a few things we’ve all thought while sitting in the lecture theatre at some stage or another…. or is it just me?

Originally posted on StudentBeans

1. I could still be in bed

2. Ugh I have to go ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FRONT to pick up a handout?

3. Is it just me or is the lecturer kinda good looking?

4. Is it just me or is the back of that person’s head kinda strange?

5. I wonder what my head looks like from the back?

6. Look at that one playing solitaire on their laptop!

7. I wish I had my laptop

8. Why did I insist on staying up last night?

9. When does Game of Thrones start again?

10. There are still FORTY MINUTES TO GO?

11. I am very good at drawing

12. What did the lecturer just say?

13. Maybe I should have done astrophysics?

14. Hey, I’ve actually read that thing they’re actually talking about!

15. I wonder what would happen if I ran down the front and grabbed the microphone?

16. I don’t know how to spell that word, so I think I’ll just leave it out in case the person next to me see & thinks I’m stupid.

17. Is my phone on loud?

18. Why is that person asking a question? This is a LECTURE not a tutorial?

19. I wish I had better handwriting

20. What is the meaning of life?

21. I’m hungry

22. Well… that hour certainly passed quickly!


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