Student Week of Prayer: Kingdom of God

Join us every night at 7pm for a special student focused study based around ‘The Kingdom of God’.

Saturday 1st March – Saturday 8th March

We are meeting every night at church 15 – 19 Hobart Road, Cambridge, CB1 3PU

Whether you can join us or not, you can download the readings here

Student Week of Prayer.001

DAY 1 | MARK 1:14-15 THE KINGDOM OF GOD: It Has Begun…

DAY 2 | MATTHEW 11:4, 5; PHILLIPPIANS 3:4-8 THE KINGDOM OF GOD: Fable, Fairytale, or Reality?

DAY 3 | LUKE4 THE KINGDOM OF GOD: Transforming Our World

DAY 4 | MATTHEW 5:1-16 THE KINGDOM OF GOD: Counter Culture Values

DAY 5 | MARK 2:13-17 THE KINGDOM OF GOD: A Table on Earth A Table In Heaven

DAY 6 | LUKE 17:21 THE KINGDOM OF GOD: It is Within You

DAY 7 | MARK 4:30-34 THE KINGDOM OF GOD: Mustard Seed – A Parable for Community

DAY 8 | MATTHEW 20:1-16 THE KINGDOM OF GOD: By Grace Alone

Hope to see you there!


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