Saving Money – Part 2

Most of us could probably save more than we realise with a little time and a little know how!

We’ve taken some of the best tips from a 101 list written by Kelly Medeiros here

We’ve already started off with a few, and glad you’ve come back for the rest!

21. Start a Vegetable Garden

Your own vegetable garden is a great way to bring some cheap, organic food into the house, not to mention it can be a fun hobby.

22. Do Your Own Nails

Skip your regular salon visits by doing your own nails to save a small fortune. Or, limit your visits to once a month and do your own touch-ups between visits.

23. Buy Certain Things in Bulk

Check the per unit price at warehouse clubs and supermarkets to get the best deals per unit when buying in bulk. Avoid buying fresh items and dairy in bulk unless you intend to use them immediately.

24. Entertain at Home

Skipping restaurants and dining at home is a great way to save on your entertainment spend. Utilize the chance for outdoor dining and barbecues in the warmer weather and cozy indoor dinners in the wintertime.

25. Make Your Own Beauty Products

Like making your own cleaning products, beauty products can also be made from many common pantry and food items. Learn some great homemade beauty product recipes using things like avocados, oatmeal, and honey.

26. Stick to Shopping Lists

Always make a list and stick to it when setting out for the supermarket, or online shopping. You are less likely to make random buys when something is not on your list.

27. Skip Storage Units

Sort through your belongings and keep what is most essential to forgo the expense of renting a storage unit. Or, find better ways around the house to use storage or lend things out to friends.

28. Run Full Loads of Wash or Dishes

You can save significant amounts of water and energy by running full loads of clothes in your washing machine or dishes in your dishwasher.

29. Plan Family Get-Togethers

Skip the cost of a babysitter and plan to have guests over with all the kids involved. Or, find some family-friendly social outings to get you all out of the house and entertained.

30. Keep Your Freezer Full

A full freezer runs more efficiently and takes less energy to keep things frozen. You can also place water bottles or plastic bags full of water in empty spots to get the same effect. (See also: How to Freeze Foods That Don’t Freeze Well)

31. Learn to Mend Your Clothes

You don’t need to be a professional tailor, but learning how to make common repairs, like small holes, buttons, and hems, can save you a bundle.

32. Let Discount Stores Be Your Friend

Discount shopping has come a long way, and many great brands are taking part. Hit up places like TK Maxx for some fantastic deals.

33. Skip Online Photo Books

Online photo books cost a small fortune, not to mention take a lot of time to make. Make it a habit to get the old fashioned prints at a fraction of the cost and buy cheap albums to place them in yourself.

34. Save on Kid Entertainment

Don’t pay big on entertaining the kids, when there are plenty of cheap activities they will also love. Renting DVDs, baking together, playing outside, playing board games, and doing arts and crafts all cost less than expensive game centers, movie theaters, and restaurants. (See also: 25 Free or Cheap Ways to Entertain Kids)

35. Eat Leftovers

Don’t let leftovers sit in the fridge only to hit the trash. Learn to spruce up leftovers to stretch your dollar and make your weekly cooking even easier.

36. Keep a Good Closet

Invest in clothes you will actually wear often and keep them organized. This will help you feel less like you have nothing to wear when you discover new combos or an old item you forgot you had.

37. Bundle Your Communications

Check out the many triple play offers for your home internet, phone, and cable services. You can often save a good amount by bundling such items, and many providers will reward your customer loyalty with a further good bundle deal.

38. Monitor Splurges

We all need a treat here and there, but keeping a close eye on how many splurge buys you make is critical to saving money. Set an allowance for yourself or keep a reward goal in mind, rather than making unplanned splurges.

39. Use Free Apps

Limit pricey apps and use only the essentials. Make sure your kids’ games are the free kinds too as they can really add up.

40. Make Your Own Flavoured Beverages

Save money on expensive bottled drinks and use a pitcher of regular water or basic seltzer and flavor with slices of lemons, oranges, cucumbers, or berries. (See also: Natural Ways to Flavor Water)

Got any others?


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