Stay Skinny Eating Out

Sometimes you just have to eat out, but you can make eating out MUCH healthier!

Check out some of Sara Novak’s tips:

1. Skip the bread basket.

The average piece of bread contains 100 calories before you even add the butter, that’s why it’s best to skip it entirely.

2. Choose an appetizer for your entree. 

I’m known for ordering an appetizer for my entree because I can never eat the whole meal. If I’m extra hungry, I’ll have a non-cream based soup before my appetizer entree comes.

3. Order it raw, grilled, or steamed.

These cooking methods are free of excessive oil and butter. This way you can control your fat, which is often used in excess at restaurants.

4. Split a dessert four ways.

Dessert should just be about tasting. Pass the dessert around the table and everyone gets to enjoy a sweet bite or two, but not a whole piece.

5. Focus on the experience.

Enjoy the company of those that you’re hanging out with as well. Take your time chewing, chat with your mate or friends, and be mindful of the experience rather than just stuffing your face.

6. Take half of your sandwich for later.

If I order a big sandwich, I have them wrap up half before I even dig in. That way I’m less likely to overstuff myself and I have a delicious meal for later.

7. Choose higher end and go less often.

High end dining establishments use better quality ingredients and they offer smaller portions. Go less often and enjoy a better meal.

8. Stay away from buffets. 

Enough said.

guys: iStock/Thinkstock
ladies: Creatas/Thinkstock

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