Christian Dating Sites: Any in Favour?

Christian Dating Sites: Any in Favour?

As you sit on the daily commute avoiding eye contact with fellow commuters, you may find yourself mindlessly reading the various posters on the train platforms and bus stands.
It has not gone unnoticed that the amount of Christian dating websites and agencies has increased! or the promotion of them has increased.

christian-connection-2christian-connection (1)christian-connection

Here’s the posters for the latest campaign:

Even with the risk of sounding judgemental, it is still worth mentioning that it has sparked lots of interest and is a hot topic of study and research.
One study found that 63% of those users interviewed would have sex before marriage! without being in love with their partner, and 87% would have sex before marriage and consider  it ok to move in with their partner before marriage.

The concern is not what Christians decide is ok and not ok, but rather how reliable is the representation that the users of Christian dating sites are even Christians? It’s incredibly difficult believing people are who they say are in person, without the added pressure of only knowing them online.

How likely is it that there are a large number of Christians with a seemingly ‘liberal’ attitude to sex and marriage, and co-habitation in this generation?

Remembering that marriage is a holy union, given as God’s first gift from the beginning in the garden of Eden, there weren’t papers which licensed marriage, but rather sex was marriage, a way that two persons became committed as one before God.

So does it even matter if devout and God fearing partners aren’t signed and sealed the way the government wants us too these days?


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