Grab the Keys to a Happy Home

Every family must ultimately discover what will work for them and tighten the bond between them all, and thats what growing together is all about.

To help you on that journey, here are the best tips we’ve come across to maintain a happy home.

Tip 1: Enjoy Each Other

The essence of a happy family is that they truly uplift each other and that all comes down to how they treat each other. Parents come home and the kids are happy to see them and when kids come home, the parents are happy to see them. The proof is in the joy of their interaction.

Tip 2: Swap Stories

When your kids and siblings come home, ask them what happened in school and have a story for them. If you come home dejected and not really interested, why would they be happy to see you? If you are a student and your flatmates are your family, this doesn’t exclude you! A family environment can make all the difference in terms of stability while you study.

Tip 3: Put the Marriage First

Set a real example of love. The relationship and marriage must come at the top of the list of priorities.

There are many families where kids always come first, but what happens when the kids grow up and move on? Will you be able to enjoy each others company? The kids end up being a temporary substitute for love, and its an unfair burden to place on the kids. Make time and great effort for your spouse and set an example for your kids.

Tip 4: Break Bread Together

Families that eat together, stay together. It’s that simple. Spending time together will help you to regularly enjoy the company of your family. It also makes it easy for everyone to ensure they take a time out to pause from the busy-ness of the day and relax.

Tip 5: Play Together

Have one or two unifying activities that the family does together on a nightly basis. Reading bedtime stories might be ideal for young kids, especially by older siblings, but family worship is timeless. No matter how old or how young, it can be tailored to suit all.

Tip 6: Family Rituals

Whether its spiritual, or seasonal or musical – make your own “family-thing”. Find something that gives your family its uniqueness. Maybe its a long walk every Sunday morning, or dinner out on a Saturday night, mid-week quiz night, or even a family theme tune, have something everyone can remember until they get old.

Tip 7: Keep Calm & Stay Close

Children thrive in a stable home. However your methods for discipline, remember that it is necessary. Have strict rules, encourage obedience and use punishments or sanctions if necessary, but avoid losing control and shouting regularly. It might be more disruptive than you think.

Tip 8: Never Fight in Front of the Kids

While bickering from time to time may be inevitable, try to keep it away from the children. If they do happen to be around, be sure to go back and reassure them you have worked it out. Kids worry but might not always let you know they are!

Tip 9: Don’t Work Too Much

All work and no play does worse things to a family than make it dull. Any member of the family can feel like they aren’t valuable enough for your time. A good work-home life balance can be hard but very much necessary to teaching hard work and still maintaining their value in your life.

Tip 10: Encourage Sibling Harmony

Sibling rivalry can be divisive, but can be dissuaded with much encouragement and a regular reminder that siblings are a real blessing. Teaching kids to have a real friendship with their siblings will help them throughout life to stay grounded and supported through adulthood.

Tip 11: Have Private Jokes

Happy families often share inside jokes or have nicknames for each other – which gives a sense of belonging and will strengthen the bond between everyone – even when members of the family are far apart.

Tip 12: Communicate

With FaceTime, Skype, iMessage, Chats, Instagram, Tweets… and everything other app you have on your device you can really stay connected. Be flexible and allow communication to become natural between everyone. Find what works for the majority and stick with it. Keep your family close even when there might be great distance between you.


One thought on “Grab the Keys to a Happy Home”

  1. I am sure this is not utopia and is something to deal with reality because it sounds wonderful and ‘much-in loved’..:) Well I guess everybody longs for a place/home like this. How beautiful it would be if these things might become thoughts! Thanks for sharing inspiration, I loved it.

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