Dentist Blown Away By Patient Response To Belief in God

Dentists faith challenged

Dentist Says God Doesn’t Exist, Patient Gives This Mind-Blowing Answer – This Will Inspire You!

It’s bad enough having a dentist prod and drill your teeth. What if he did it to your faith, too? This video shows a woman handling the challenge with ease.

When a dentist tells his patient her procedure is done, she reflexively replies, “Thank God for that.” He takes umbrage at her mention of the deity, questioning who really believes in Him in the modern age. He cites “the wars, the devastation, the poverty” and all the wrong that happens in the world.

She deftly turns the table on him without disdain, opening a hole in his logic. We might learn something from the way she replies with kindness and confidence, not fury or avoidance. It’s a lesson in how to share your faith when the opportunity presents itself.

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