Today I Met a Stranger!

I received a call yesterday, from a man I have never met before. Not overly religious or churchy but just a regular guy, who’s life had changed just over a year ago with the loss of his wife.

He found the address and rang the Pastor for the first time and told him he had had a dream. Although he couldn’t remember any details or what happened in the dream, the only thing he remembered was an address for a Church in the city where he lives.

This man who had never heard of this church before, knew there must be something about this place in his dream. So he looked it up, and found the church on the website. The Pastor went to visit him and both were convinced that God spoke that night. The following weekend he went to that church.

God still speaks to people in dreams and visions even in these modern days. God is calling people from all walks of life. Do you want to have God’s leading, pray to Him today!

As Christians, we must ever be ready to be the instrument God needs us to be, to reach out to those who are ready to accept Him.

If you don’t  yet know Christ? Listen to that voice inside that is begging you to find out who He is and why He already loves you…

As we continue to pray for our friends, relatives, colleagues, communities, and the world at large, recognise that there is awesome power in prayer.

We can be sure that the man who rang is no longer a stranger to God, thanks to the prayer of someone, somewhere. Lets pray for God to wake us up and give us a dream to lead us home. Pray for this new friend of God and others yet to find Him.


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