I’m Thankful

thankful for


By Pastor Mark Driscoll

be thankful

I’m thankful that God has chosen to save me from Satan, sin, death, hell, wrath, and myself through Jesus Christ.

I’m thankful I have Grace as a Christian wife and best friend who is steadfastly devoted to Jesus, me, our kids, and our ministry, in that right order.

I’m thankful that Grace has the biggest laugh of anyone I know and that I get to hear it a lot.

I’m thankful I get to be the father of my five kids and that they love Jesus and me and are a life-giving source of fun and joy.

I’m thankful I get to teach the Bible every week and that I absolutely love what I do.

I’m thankful for the people of Mars Hill who are gracious with my imperfections, love me, and pray for our family as they give me the honor of being their pastor.

I’m thankful that we have a supportive extended family on both sides that lives near us. I’m thankful that they are now all Christians, that they are wonderful to our children, and that we all get to eat Thanksgiving dinner together (30 people including our parents, siblings and spouses, nieces, and nephews).

I’m thankful that we’ve seen many people become Christians at our church, including over a 1,000 baptisms a year for the past three years, which is amazing.

I’m thankful that God chose me to live in an age of technology and travel because of the opportunities it affords to get the gospel of Jesus out.

I’m thankful that I have a large and growing base of wise counsel from leaders across many Christian tribes, as I have much to learn.

I’m thankful that I get to see young men saved and build a new legacy by grace.

I’m thankful that at 43 years old I’ve learned some things (mostly the hard way) and that I still have a lot of tread on the tires.

I’m thankful for a loving and supportive team of men and women at Mars Hill who heed Jesus’ counsel to keep their hand to the plow and not look back.

I’m thankful for people who take Jesus seriously, but not themselves.


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