Don’t Be Scared, Risk Failure!

By Jason Whitehurst


If you aren’t willing to risk failure, you risk failing.

The greatest entrepreneurs and CEO’s usually have at least one trait in common.  They are not afraid to fail.

“The greatest artists like Dylan, Picasso and Newton risked failure. And if we want to be great, we’ve got to risk it too.” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was not afraid of risks.  When he was 12 years old, Jobs called Bill Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, and asked for spare parts.  At 12 years old.

Jobs not only got the spare parts, he received a summer job.

He said, “Most people are not willing to ask, and that’s what separates people who do things from the people who just dream about them.”

Jesus said to His followers in Matthew 7:7“Ask, and it will be given to you”.

The Greek word for “ask” means to “ask, and keep on asking”.  It’s continual.

You will never go far if you don’t take risks.  People are afraid to risk failure, because that means they didn’t succeed.

Those who are willing to take a chance and risk failure, do not see failure as failure.  They see it as an attempt to do something that did not have the intended outcome.

Many times, individuals are not willing to risk anything because they assume they will fail.

It makes me wonder, what all could have been created, accomplished, or achieved if those who had a vision to try something new or innovative, would have done so instead of being afraid to fall on their faces.

You miss 100% shots you don’t take.

What successes are you missing out on in life, by staying in a bubble of comfort and never stepping outside of it to attempt something new?  Something different?  Something that is a game changer? 

Where would our world be without the risk-takers?

What if Thomas Edison gave up on trying to invent the light bulb?

What if Martin Luther King, Jr. gave up on fighting for racial equality?

What if the Wright Brothers never attempted to build an airplane because the idea of man flying was too radical to comprehend?

What if Noah decided not to build an ark to save the world from the flood, when there had never been a drop of rain before?

Jesus encouraged risk taking.  More than that, He talked about the repercussions for those who do not risk failure, and just sit on what they have.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the story of a man who was going on a trip, and he left money (talents) with three of his servants.

The first two servants took a risk.  They went out and invested what was not theirs, money that belonged to their master.  But as a result of their willingness to take a risk, they flipped the money, and their master was pleased with them.

The third servant was scared of what might happen if he lost his master’s money.  So he dug a hole in the ground, put the money there, and gave the same piece of money back to his master when he returned from his trip.

He didn’t want to risk failure.  But by not taking a risk, this servant enraged his master.  His master called him “wicked and lazy”.

There is an immediate context, and a theological principle established by Jesus in this parable of the talents.

The immediate context is referring to the kingdom of Heaven and eternity.

The theological principle established is that when God blesses an individual with “talents”, or abilities and gifts, He expects that person to use them to take risks and do great things for Him.

But fear of failure keeps people from using their God-given talents and abilities to accomplish great things, and ultimately, the success that God desires them in their life.

That is why over and over again the authors of the Bible write about living by faith.  Acting in faith.  Taking risks by faith.

Because faith pleases God.  ”Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11:6)

There are a lot of people who never accomplish what God intends for them to, because they will not risk failure.

What is it that you have a dream to do, placed their by God, but the idea of taking a leap across a canyon and not making it to the other side, has kept you from pursuing that dream?

What will it take for you trust Him, and risk failure?


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