Silence Isn’t Abandonment

God silence

God’s Silence Doesn’t Indicate His Abandonment


SILENT 150x150 Gods Silence Doesnt Indicate His Abandonment

Everyone has that chore that they just hate doing around the house. You know what I’m talking about. That chore that you and your spouse wait on the other one to do. You always try to wait each other out on doing. For some of you, it’s the trash. You hate taking the trash out, so you let it pile up until nothing else will fit on top of the full trash can.

For my wife and I, that chore is folding laundry.

We hate folding laundry.

Several weeks ago, we were doing some laundry while watching TV one Saturday. I had washed some clothes and put them in the dryer (I don’t mind that part, it’s just the folding I hate). I sat down to watch TV and wait for the clothes to dry. I didn’t think much more about the clothes as I was fully involved in what I was watching.

About 30 or 45 minutes later, my wife got off the couch and went in the other room. I didn’t think anything of it until she had been gone 10 or 15 minutes. She had been really quiet and I started to wonder where she was. About that time, Melissa came carrying my clothes that she had neatly folded through the living room.

The entire time she had been quiet in the other room, she had been folding my clothes for me.

I thought she was quiet, but she was really doing something nice for me.

If God is silent in your life right now, don’t think He’s inactive or not around.
If God seems quiet and distant right now, trust that He’s still present.

He’s working even though you can’t see Him or hear Him.


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