Have a Peek into Our Year…

Our Year in Review…

We have done our very best to keep Cambridge City buzzing with excitement; and meeting as many folks as possible both in our church building and around town. What an incredible year! How much of it have you seen?

  • JANUARY, Friday Night Worship Services
  • FEBRUARY, Open House Cooking/Fitness/Finance/Drama Clubs
  • MARCH/APRIL, 2013 Mile Bike Ride for ADRA
  • APRIL, Day of Togetherness at RAF Lakenheath
  • JUNE, Marmora Road Community Big Lunch
  • MAY, Student Banquet
  • OCTOBER, World Culture Festival
  • DECEMBER, Community Christmas Service
  • NOVEMBER, Socio-Spiritual Retreat
  • Weekly Tuesday Night Bible Study
  • Launch of New Website
  • Soup Kitchen Launch
  • Music/Stewardship/Women’s Emphasis/Family/Australian Day
  • Community Day of Prayer
  • Week of Prayer
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Seaside Trip
  • Exercise & Fitness Fun Day

And I am sure there are many more! Truly we can say we have been blessed with fellowship, spiritual renewing and fun.

Check out the full Gallery here

Let’s also not fail to mention all the different services, including Baby’s Dedications and Communion Services. But the most joyous of all we can agree is when people give their hearts to Jesus. We have had the pleasure of welcoming 17 new friends into the church families of Cambridge and our partner church in Bury St Edmunds.

As a group of like-minded individuals all serving God together, we have had our fair share of trials, but with God’s help we will make more memories in the new year, as we actively look forward to our Lord’s soon return!

Wishing you all a Happy & Blessed New Year!

What have been your memories? Share below…


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