Making the Little Ones Count

#15 Laugh

Laughter is not only the best medicine, but it is a great workout! Laughing for 10-15 minutes a day will burn an astounding 50 calories. So try your best jokes on your friends and help them out too!

#14 Wear a Basic Pedometer

This one is especially good for those who are competitive. Try to reach a certain step-goal every day! Like for example 7,000 steps.

#13 Sleep More

This sounds odd, we know. But getting 7-8 hours of sleep helps the body be healthy and also cuts down on possible munching hours.

#12 Flexing Muscles

Flexing your abs or your arms while at your desk will burn some calories. The main purpose of muscles is to contract, so when you do this you are putting them to work.

#11 Eat Celery as a Snack

The high cellulose content makes this a great snack (as it is crunchy) and very difficult for the body to digest (very low in calories). This reduces calories by having you intake less and still get s snack.

#10 Do Dishes by Hand

It is easy to load all the dishes in the dishwasher. But why not do the dishes by hand once in a while? It’s not too bad.

#9 Play Outside

Have kids or younger brothers? Playing a game outside is active and (depending on who you are playing with) can amount to a lot of calories burnt.

#8 Clean the House

It is not the most fun job, but taking care of business around the house will make you feel less stressed about the messy house and better that you burnt some calories.

#7 Walk When Talking on the Phone

If you are on the phone, you might as well walk a little. Most people can multitask and this is a great way to burn some calories.

#6 Be Active in the Kitchen

Trying a new recipe that requires lots of slicing and dicing can be a great way to burn some calories for the exquisite meal to follow.

#5 Primping

Women out there benefit from doing their own hair, and all the little pampering extras. No need to go to the salon and miss out on burnt calories.

#4 Text or Twitter

Sending a message is a lot better than being inactive. Just be sure to comply with the workplace rules and not get fired for “burning extra calories.”

#3 Walk on your Break

You know those 15 minute breaks that employers give in the morning and afternoon? Going for a short walk can be great for burning extra calories.

#2 Horse Around

There is nothing better than having friends over and doing dorky things. Being active and having fun is a great way to burn calories without it feeling like a chore.

#1 Take the Stairs when Possible

If there is an option between the stairs and the elevator, take the stairs. It will not take that much longer and it will help you shed the extra calories.


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