South England Comms Director Visits Cambridge

Saturday 30th November 2013 we were visited by the Communications Director for the Southern England regions of Seventh-day Adventists.

Kirsten Cambridge Church

Pastor Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist holds an MA from Andrews University in the USA, in Communication & Religion, and has experience in youth work, radio, media, publishing and communication which she shared throughout the day.

In the morning, Pastor Kirsten presented the message entitled “What’s In a Name”, sharing some light on the bible story of of Abraham, Sarai and her maidservant from Genesis 16.

After a short break and lunch, Pastor Kirsten took the church through some pointers and principles of digital evangelism, offering some advice and suggestions for utilising social media, modern communication and technology to share Jesus with friends and associates. There were tips on video blogging, writing newsletters and event promotion which many of the students found as something they would like to pursue.

It was a real blessing for everyone who attended, and we certainly look forward to putting some of those suggestions into action.

We now look forward to the next guest, make sure you stay close to our events pages to be around!


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