Good News About the Judgement

The truth of a final judgement at the end of History is deeply rooted in the Bible. It’s mentioned possibly hundreds-of times, with the Psalmists, Prophets, and Apostles all bearing consistent testimony to it. Jesus also made many pointed references to it. It marks the climax of  of His greatest parables and is the focal point of much of his teaching.

But the Bible writers had a unique perspective the judgement. They didn’t treat it as bad news, but good news!  Did not view it as something outside of the redemptive oceans, but as part of that process. They saw the judgement as proof that God is a moral God and the Universe has moral base. They saw it as proof that history is not a state of endless suspense, where good and evil grapple in an equal and eternal conflict, without hope or resolution. Nor is history an aimless and undirected process, like the erratic path of a falling leaf or the random course of a meandering streamflow, the Bible writers history was going somewhere so they welcomed the judgement with eagerness and hope, because it promised the ultimate exposure and condemnation of sin, and the ultimate vindication and triumph of righteousness and truth. Lets urgently recover the goodness of judgement!



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