Week of Prayer Reading, “And They Followed Him”

Welcome to our “Week of Prayer.” You will be doubly blessed, come and join us at:

Cambridge SDA Church, 15-19 Hobart Road, Cambridge, CB1 3PU.

We commence the Week of Prayer at 11:00am Saturday 2nd Nov.

Then, on Sunday, the ‘Week of Prayer’ takes the form of a Prayer Breakfast starting at 8:00am.

All other days of the Week of Prayer will begin at 7pm and will end next Saturday at 3pm.

Greetings From the President

World church president Ted N. C. Wilson welcomes readers to this special edition of Adventist Review.

First Sabbath: Living With Heaven in Our Hearts  November 2

Jesus Shows Us the Way.

Sunday: Things Deeply Hidden–Yet Seen  November 3

Our life can be a wonder too.

Monday: The Cruciform Mind  November 4

What’s behind our interaction with others?

Tuesday: What Am I Thinking?  November 5

Moral sensitivity and spiritual influence.

Wednesday: Integer or Fraction?  November 6

Living the whole package.

Thursday: What Will It Take?  November 7

Doing the best we can with all we have.

Friday: Leave the Light On  November 8

What is revealed when Christ lives in us?

Second Sabbath: Our Present Duty  November 9

What steps are we taking heavenward?


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