Jesus Has Unfinished Business in the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Bible Study – Part 2 of 4

Themes of the Priesthood Session of the April 2010 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary

In order to appreciate the full benefits of the Gospel, we must appreciate the work that Jesus has done for us in the past., and the work that He will do for us in the future, but most of all, we must be aware of the work that He is doing NOW! If Christianity is to be to us a saving, satisfying, keeping power, we must know Christ in the present sense.

1 – The Preview of His Priesthood

Hebrews 8:5 The Earthly Sanctuary was the “example” and “shadow” of heavenly things
Hebrews 9:8, 9 The first tabernacle was a “figure” for the time then present

We learned in the previous study of The Earthly Sanctuary Service, that it was a “Telescope of Faith“, by which Old Testament believers could grasp the essentials of Christ’s sacrifice and heavenly ministry. The value of this “telescope” is greatly increased for us by the addition of two more powerful “lenses” – the Book of Hebrews and the Book of Revelation- which are found in the New Testament.

When Leviticus, Hebrews and Revelation are studied together, they provide a remarkably clear and satisfying picture of the work Jesus is doing for us in Heaven now!
Matthew 27:51 
“The veil of the Temple was rent in twain.”

The supernatural rending of the Temple veil at the very moment Jesus died signified that the Earthly Sanctuary had completed its work. The earthly priesthood had now been replaced by the Priesthood of Christ. From henceforth the attention of God’s people must be focused upon the Heavenly reality to which the shadowy services pointed.

2 – The Place of His Priesthood

Hebrews 9 :24 – “Into Heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us”
Hebrews 9 : 12  – “He entered in once into the holy place”.
Hebrews 8 : 1,2  – ” A minister of the true tabernacle”
Hebrew 8 : 5  – God showed Moses a heavenly “pattern” or blueprint from which the Earthly Sanctuary was copied.
Hebrew 9 : 11 – The Heavenly Sanctuary is greater and more perfect than the Earthly,  – It can’t be ANY less real!

From these texts the conclusion is inescapable that there stands in Heaven today a “true” tabernacle – a great, original Sanctuary – of which the Earthly was merely a miniature copy, or model. Whilst it is futile to speculate about the size, materials, or appointments of the Heavenly Sanctuary, there can be no doubt whatever about its reality, or about the fact that it is the place where Jesus performs His present work for man!

Come back next week to learn what the programme is of His Priesthood!


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