Christ and The Sanctuary Bible Study

The Sanctuary Service

Christ and The Sanctuary bible study

Tuesday 08th October, from 6pm!

Tonight’s study will help us to deepen our understanding of the message of Salvation. Join us as we continue on from last week. There is so much more to learn! 

Catch up on the previous weeks here


“All who did service in connection with the sanctuary were being educated constantly in regard to the intervention of Christ in behalf of the human race. This service was designed to create in every heart a love for the law of God, which is the law of His kingdom. The sacrificial offering was to be an object lesson of the love of God revealed in Christ—in the suffering, dying victim, who took upon Himself the sin of which man was guilty, the innocent being made sin for us.”—Ellen G. White, Selected Messages, book 1, p. 233.

Because of our sinful natures, it’s so easy to think that God is angry with us. How does the revelation of God’s love, as seen in the life and death of Jesus, help each of us to realize on a personal level that God loves us despite our faults? In what ways should this realization encourage us to gain victories over self?

Come along for the discussions and discover more!

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This week’s Lesson Study is also focusing on Christ & The Heavenly Sanctuary, which you can download straight to your mobile/tablet device. The App link is on the homepage!


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