A Victim of Repetition

  1. Snooze Alarm
  2. Wake up in a hurry realising there is only 30 minutes left to get ready
  3. No time for full devotion, just a quick prayer thinking you’ll make up for it in bedtime worship
  4. Skip breakfast and hurry out the door to make the train
  5. Arrive at work – planning and prioritising all items that need addressing
  6. Have lunch suddenly noticing the day is half finished and there is still a full day’s work to complete
  7. Leave on time to join the hustle and bustle of commuters going home
  8. Spend the evening networking, checking emails, browsing, reading, writing, checking accounts, paying bills, making plans
  9. Dinner, flick through the television before finally hopping into bed
    Wake up the next day… and repeat… day after day… week after week… and now 10 months later its October and still repeating…

Does God want more for us? 


Don’t Starve Your Soul!
Our Higher Calling by Ellen White

And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful. Mark 4:19 – {OHC 280.1}

We must beware that we do not become overburdened even with what seem the necessary cares of life, so that we are unable to do the most essential work…. The largest share of the thoughts and the busy activities that engage hands and hearts, are given to selfish, personal, earthly interests. These are allowed to become so engrossing as to prevent attention to the things of eternity. The soul is left to starve for want of nourishment. Mind and body become worn out by protracted hours of application to worldly things. This is just as Satan designed it should be. All the freshness and vigor of the mind, all the keen thought, is given to the world, and God has the feeble, distracted thought, the fruit of a wearied and worried mind. The things of the highest consequence, which pertain to the eternal peace, are made subordinate to the common concerns of life, and God is robbed every day of service which would strengthen spirituality, lifting the thoughts heavenward, and bringing the soul into communion with God and holy angels. – {OHC 280.2}

We are not to allow the things of this world so to absorb the attention that mind and body are completely engrossed. Thus those around us are robbed of the kindly words and deeds that would help them in the upward way. The channel of light is clogged with worldly matters. The grace that Christ is longing to impart, He cannot bestow. Many are coming to have less and less strength to impart to others, because they do not receive power from the Source of all power. God calls upon them to separate from the things which corrode the mind and spoil the religious experience. – {OHC 280.3}

All are pressed with urgent cares, burdens, and duties; but the greater the pressure upon you, the heavier the burdens you have to bear, the greater your need of divine aid. Jesus will be your helper. You need constantly the light of life of lighten your pathway, and then its divine rays will reflect upon others. – {OHC 280.4}

No two days have to be the same.
With the return of Jesus ever present in our minds, make every day count, intentionally seeking out opportunities to help others, share our faith and live out the will of God.


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