Starts This Wednesday…

World Culture Festival 2013


The World Cultural Festival comes to Cambridge for the first time, bringing you a spectacular month of music, drama, cooking, laughter and stories from around the world.

World Culture Festival 2013

The World Cultural Festival comes to Cambridge for the first time, bringing you a spectacular month of music, drama, cooking, laughter, stories, experiences, and bible stories, from around the world.

Explore a different culture each week, with live cooking demonstrations of your favourite foods; and then grab the opportunity to get stuck in and enjoy the tasty results. Then, join all your new friends and neighbours to learn the history and wonderful traditions that make each nation what it is. Members and special guests will also be sharing some great insights into the biblical history of some of the greatest nations that still exist today. You’re guaranteed to learn something new that you didn’t know before!

The month culminates on the 26th of October with a Cultural Community  Sabbath Celebrating our Unity and then the evening will be especially dedicated to celebrating music from different countries all over the world, with special items from contemporary gospel artists, homegrown in East Anglia!

Come and join us for this unforgettable celebration of cultural diversity in the heart of the greatest student city in the UK. All beginning 9th Wednesday, 6pm with food, stories and prayer.

World Culture Month Update 1-1

So here’s the plan:

Wednesday 9th October 

– 6pm – 7.30pm Hispanic & Asian Cooking

– 7.30pm – 8.30pm Hispanic & Asian History

Wednesday 16th October 

– 6pm – 7.30pm British & European Cooking

– 7.30pm – 8.30pm British & European History

Wednesday 23rd October 

– 6pm – 7.30pm African Cooking

– 7.30pm – 8.30pm African History

Saturday 26th October

– 11am Celebrating Cultural Unity in Diversity

– 7pm International Evening Concert

Sunday 27th October

– 2pm – 4pm Family Culture Day

– Fashion show, music,luncheon with food donations

Wednesday 30th October 

– 6pm – 7.30pm Caribbean Cooking

– 7.30pm – 8.30pm Caribbean History

Saturday 26th October

-Celebrating Cultural Unity 10am, Special Lunch 1pm, International Evening and Music Concert, 6pm

The whole event is certified family friendly, open to everyone absolutely free!


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