Cambridge University Student Life is of the Best in the Country

Cambridge student life best in the country

Student life at Cambridge University is one of the best in the country, research finds


The River Cam
The River Cam

The pressure of being the top university in the country this has not put a dampener on Cambridge University students’ experience, new research shows.

Despite the stresses of daily 9am lectures, essay-deadlines and exams, the University came third in the country for offering the best quality student life.

According to new research by Lloyds Bank, Cambridge ranks behind Durham and Loughborough Universities in providing overall student satisfaction.

The first survey of its kind looked at factors such as accommodation costs, employment and earnings, sports and social life, to determine the quality of student life across 91 institutions.

Nitesh Patel, economist at Lloyds Bank, said: “The top 10 universities for the best quality of student life are a mix of the old, such as Oxford and Cambridge, and the relatively new such as Newcastle and Bath. They all score well on course satisfaction, good employment prospects and high salaries. Many of they are also rated highly for a good social life, particularly in the provincial cities in the north.”

This research follows a study by Which? University Guide which ranked Cambridge among the bottom in the country for nightlife, as well as a dismal rank for its sports provision, as reported by the News.

A spokesman for Cambridge University said: “The university is pleased to note that Cambridge students express a high level of satisfaction with their university and that they enjoy the best graduate employment prospects in the country.”


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