Don’t Forget Who You Are…

Don't forget who you are

Don’t Forget Who You Are…

_____________ are made My image and likeness. When I saw you, I saw that you are good.
[Genesis 1:26,31]

I put you together ____________, inside your mother’s body. You are awesomely and incredibly made.
[Psalm 139:13-14]

You are very dear to me ____________, and I love you.
[Isaiah 43:4]

You are my child ______________, and my friend.
[John 1:12, 15:15]

You are in me ______________, and I am in you.
[John 14:20]

I have chosen you ______________. You do not belong to this world but to me.
[John 15:19]

I have forgiven you _______________, and made you righteous and clean.
[Romans 5:1]

You _______________ are free from guilt and condemnation.
[Romans 8:1]

You are still my child _______________, and I am your dad.
[Romans 8:15, 16]

________________ I am on your side. I am for you.
[Romans 8:31]

You are my work of art _______________, individually created by me for a purpose.
[Ephesians 2:10]

You _____________, are a member of my family.
[Ephesians 2:19]

You _____________, are part of my chosen people, a group of royal priests, a holy nation, a special people who belong to God.
[1 Peter 2:9]

That’s what God says to those who belong to Him – That’s Love!


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