The Investigative Judgement

Investigative Judgement

Judgements are made every day, but not all have great consequences. One judgement however, made by God Himself is the only one important to the way we choose to live; and that is the Investigative Judgement.
So after we discover what this solemn investigation is, what is our duty?

Investigative Judgement

1. What will Christ bestow at His coming?
Matthew 16:27, Revelation 22:12
When Christ returns, it will be the beginning of the judgement where everyone will be rewarded in accordance with their deeds.

2. What is the basis of judgement in each case?
Revelation 20:12
In each persons case, the judgement is personal, each will be judged according to everything that person has done and as recorded by watching Angels in the special books.

3. How many ‘Books’ are referred to in the Bible?
Malachi 3:16 – Book of Remembrance of Good Deeds
Jeremiah 2:22 – Book of Iniquity
Psalm 139:15-16 – Book of Individual Description
Matthew 10:30 – Hairs Numbered
Psalm 87:4-6 – Place of Birth
Revelation 20:12 – Book of Life

4. Who are candidates for eternal life?
John 3:36
It is made clear throughout the whole bible that those who believe in Him will be rewarded with the gift of eternal life. They are those who by patient continuance in well-doing, seek for glory, honour and immortality from God; unlike those who don’t obey truth and instead obey unrighteousness. These will face the judgement of God and receive fair consequences based on what is recorded in those books.

5. In whose presence is the examination of books made?
Daniel 7:9-10
God, the one called the  ‘Ancient of Days’ will open up the books on the throne, in the presence of angels.

6. Who is the advocate, defender, or mediator?
1 John 2:1; 1 Timothy 2:5
Jesus is our advocate, mediating and pleading with God on our behalf. His blood was shed for us…

7. What law is the law of liberty?
James 2:11
This texts helps us to understand that God’s law is not partial, but whole. By breaking one commandment, that person has broken the whole law. In the same way, believing in God but not keeping the commandments is breaking the law. The two are closely related because one is in response to to the other. Belief in salvation through Christ should lead believers to grateful obedience to the loving will of God – as it is revealed in His law. Jesus stated, “He who rejects Me, and does not receive My words, has that which judges him—the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day” (John 12:48). Rejecting Jesus and His will determines the destiny of the person in the judgment. The fact that breaking one commandment makes a person a transgressor of the law and subject to judgment should lead to careful speaking and action.

8. Will all who begin the Christian life be saved?
Matthew 24:13; Hebrews 3:14
A belief in God will not be enough to be saved when it comes to the final judgement. Satan and the evil angels believe in God and know of His supremacy but they will not be saved. The Christian journey as the texts reveal, calls for God’s people to endure to the end. Salvation will be awarded to those who endure in faith and obedience to God until His return.

9. If the books of record show that one failed to overcome, what will be his doom?
Ezekiel 18:24; 33:12-13
A person that is unable to stay connected to God and keep his commandments will face the consequences of those who sin, they will not live eternally. If a righteous person starts to commit sin like those who don’t believe, all their righteousness will be forgotten, and they will be lost.

10. What will be done to the name in the book of life and what will Jesus do when this occurs?
Exodus 32:33; Psalm 69:28; Revelation 3:5; Matthew 10:33
The one who fails to overcome will have their name removed from The Book of Life, for they will have forfeited their  gift of salvation. This rejection of Jesus will conclude their desire not to be saved, and therefore Jesus will be unable to claim them for His kingdom; they will be denied before God.

11. If records show faithfulness to the end, what will Jesus do? What is done to this name in the book of life?
Matthew 10:33; Revelation 3:5
All those who are faithful will be lovingly received by God in heaven, clothed in white and live eternally in heaven. Their names will never be erased from The Book of Life.

12. What is blotted out? How many have sinned and how only can the sinner escape the final death penalty?
Acts 3:19; Romans 3:23; 1 John 1:9
Everyone is undeserving of God’s mercy because everyone has fallen short of His standard. However, by confessing our sins, God will remain faithful in His promise to forgive us and cleanse us from all our sin. This is the only way possible for us to receive Salvation.

13. In view of this solemn investigation, what is our duty?
Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14
God will judge each person according to what they do and say, whether it is public to the people around or in secret between us and God. So therefore, God asks us to remain faithful, fear God and keep His commandments and ask for God’s blessings everyday.

Remember, salvation cannot be earned. It is a free gift, that when accepted, requires a deep and honest response to God’s laws and commandments. Staying faithful and enduring to the end, we can trust in God that our name will be kept in The Book of Life according to grace.


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