4 Ways Technology Helps Make Better Disciples


4 Ways Technology Helps Make Better Disciples

Written by Steve Caton   August 5, 2013

When you think about church growth, you probably don’t think about technology first. You likely think of things like discipleship, outreach, and assimilation. And you would be spot-on.

Yet things like discipleship, outreach, and assimilation require an efficient process that drives church growth and engagement. That’s where technology comes in.

Four ways churches can make more disciples is by building in good systems and processes around things like hospitality, information gathering, follow up, and connection.

The good news is that technology can be used in each of those areas to help you move first-time guests to fully-engaged members. Let’s explore how:


1) Technology improves hospitality.

There are two elements to successful hospitality—passive hospitality and active hospitality. Passive hospitality includes directional signs and maps that make navigating the campus easier. Active hospitality involves real people who watch for ways to assist anyone entering the facility.

Technology can play a key role in improving your church’s hospitality. In fact, here are 7 ways technology can help you accelerate church growth by helping you engage guests from your initial hello to their return and—hopefully—active involvement.

2) Technology systematically gathers the information that matters.

Most churches count people. However, churches that use technology to gather information that matters often discover there are more visitors in attendance than they thought. If you compare the number of cards you get to the headcount, you’ll begin to understand how effective your information gathering efforts are.

3) Technology optimizes follow up opportunities.

A recent study found that almost 90 percent of first-time guests will return to visit a second time if someone follows up with them on the same day of that first visit. While your church is probably already using technology to help you follow up with guests and members that make decisions about taking the next step in their faith, it is important to evaluate your follow up process regularly.

4) Technology connects people to the church and each other.

Technology is something that is part of our lives. If everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, why not find a way to use that to connect people and help build community with each other? Consider these three ways churches can effectively utilize technology and spur digital discipleship.

In a world that is more connected and relationally-driven than ever before, it’s vital that we see technology as gathering place that isn’t limited to geographic locations.

For more insight into how to use technology to improve each of these processes, you can download one of Church Community Builder’s resources, The Assimilation Engine. You also might be interested indownloading a case study about three churches that effectively utilized technology to improve church growth and engagement.

Is technology playing a key role in your church’s overall growth and engagement? If so, how?

Steve's headshot 2011
Steve Caton is the vice president of sales and marketing for web-based church management system company, Church Community Builder, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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