Nature of Man and The State of the Dead

People have concluded many various reasons for the purpose and origins of humanity. Today we look at what the bible says about The Nature of Man. Take the study and see what God has in store for you.

Nature of Man

Nature of Man

1. How was man made? What part was made of dust? What was added to the body and what resulted?
Genesis 2:7
The first story in the bible gives us the account of creation, describing how man was made by the hand of God from the dust of the ground. When the body was formed, God then breathed life into the organised earth and life was given.

2. What three parts make up the entire man?
1 Thessalonians 5:23
Spirit, Soul and body are the three parts that we know make up humans while here on Earth.

3. To what did man become subject as a consequence of sin?
Genesis 2:16, 17; Romans 5:12; Ezekiel 18:4
Man became subject to the death. The passage in Romans tells us clearly that the consequence of sin is death and as that everyone born of Adam, we are also sinful and subject to the same consequence.

4. With this death waiting for each, what is man’s nature?
Mortal man (Job 4:17); mortal body (Rom. 6:12); mortal flesh (2 Cor. 4:11)
Man is sinful by default. However, although our nature is sinful, this is no excuse to let sin have free effect in our lives, Jesus can still reign in our lives if we are willing to let Him.

5. To what is this moral life compared?
James 4:14; Psalms 78:39; Job 14:2
The references above liken this mortal life to vapour, a wind that cometh not again, or a shadow. These comparisons tell us that this life is short, and is only a short portion of time in the grand scheme of events. Life is a kind of probation!

6. How only can mortals have immortal life?
2 Tim. 1:10; John 10:10
As the previous texts describe, all humans are subject to the consequences of sin. When Jesus came to earth, he lived a blameless and sinless life, the only person ever able to do so. By this, He overcame death and the grave, and rose again. It is because of this sacrifice that Jesus made that we are too able to have life immortal with Christ.

7. What then ought we to seek?
Romans 2:7
Eternal life and salvation is a free gift God offers to those who are faithful to Him. Those who are faithful and inline with God will do good to others and seek God in all things, giving Him the glory for all the blessings that are returned.

8. When will immortality be given?
1 Corinthians 15:51-54
Immortality will be given when Jesus returns. Those who have found favour with God will be transformed – as the scripture says – “in the blink of an eye”.

9. When does the trumpet sound that raises the dead and changes the living?
1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17
The coming of Jesus will be celebrated and announced with that large trumpet sound. Its at that time that Jesus also changes those who will live with Him forever and award them with eternal life and immortal bodies.

The State of the Dead

State of the dead

10. What do all the living know?
Ecclesiastes 9:5; Hebrews 9:27
Living beings can’t be sure of what happens after death other than what is written in the Bible. The living as we are know only that – we will die. The first death is common knowledge but after that all will face the Judgement and receive their reward.

11. What change takes place at death?
Psalms 146:4; Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6; 12:7
The three parts that make up humans comes apart. The dust from which man came returns to the earth and the spirit which God gave returns to Him also. The person who has died no longer do anything new to effect the way of the living on earth because in that day their thoughts perish…

12. What can the living do? What cannot the dead do?
Psalms 146:2. Psalms 115:17; Isaiah 38:18, 19
While living, man still has every opportunity to praise God and seek Him. The dead however are unable to praise God. Their opportunity to choose God and serve Him has passed and their time of probation is closed. Man’s only opportunity to hope and trust in God is while they are alive on earth.

13. In what state did Jesus say the dead are?
John 11:11-14
In this passage, Jesus is telling His disciples that Lazarus is in a state of deep sleep in attempt to explain that he has in fact died. The explanation of sleep denotes that there will come a time when everyone will rise again. Death while it is the end of probation, is not the end of those who are dead in Christ but the beginning. Death will be the end of those who haven’t accepted the gift of salvation and although they will rise for a short time, they will surely die and cease to exist anymore.

14. What is death called in Psalms 13:3? Note 4.
Death in this verse is referenced to as a sleep. This supports the way Jesus described death to the disciples.

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