The Road to Good Credit

The road to good credit

Infographic :The Road To Good Credit

Are You On ‘The Road To Good Credit’?What is the secret behind good credit? At a time where more than half (57%) of UK customers are at risk of being declined credit by high-street lenders, it’s helpful to know if we’re on ‘The Road To Good Credit’.Creditworthiness varies by gender, age and where you live. Other personal circumstances also play a role in determining whether you’ll be approved for credit. Key research findings from the Mind the Credit Gap Report of 2012 show that people from all walks of life find getting credit difficult:- 34% of people in full-time employment often find it hard to access credit- Of those earning £50,000, 32% struggle to get credit- 82% of 18-24-year-olds don’t meet standard lending criteria- 7 in 10 people don’t know their credit scoreIt can be challenging to maintain good credit, however with aquacard’s useful ‘Traveller’s Toolkit’ you can get back on track.

aquacard helps people who have had bad credit and provides them with specialist credit cards that help to slowly rebuild their reputation and strengthen their credit card rating. For more information visit our infographic here:

Infographic : The Road To Good Credit

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