Relax and Regenerate in 3 Different Ways

relax and regenerate in three different ways

3 Wonderful Ways to Relax


Living a city life in the hustle and bustle causes tension inside almost everybody’s heart. Pressure from work, school, family, friends, and from too many things that you could hardly name them all out. Are you stressed out and feeling like you could explode any minute? Take a look at these 3 handy ways to relax which can hopefully alleviate your pressure.

The Magic of a Hot Water Tub

Imagine immersing yourself in a tub full of hot water and feeling the heat of the warm water in your bathroom or on your balcony under the sun. What’s better than that on a cold winter night, or even just on a summer afternoon?

A hot bath improves both your physical and emotion health. Physically speaking, a hot bath can regulate your blood flow and pressure; studies have also shown that a drop of temperature helps one to sleep better, so in other words, after soaking in a hot tub, you’ll get into good sleep more easily. Right, time to say goodbye to insomnia!

The magic works not only on your body, but on your mind too. While being in a hot bath, no one can disturb you and you can finally cease your mind under the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy your own private moment. It’s your private time—you can do whatever makes you pressure-free, so sit back and do a bit of reading, sing a song while bathing, or simply rest yourself completely.

final hot tub

The Peace Pillow

Lay your head on a soft pillow and let loose of your body. This is the best way to relax your neck, shoulders, and head from the busy daily works. Even though you don’t have enough time to take a deep sleep, a tiny little laying down of your head on a pillow can help you relax a bit.

Do you have an eye mask? Take it out! Don’t waste it for playing only hide and seek! Close your eyes and put the eye pillow over them, and simply lay yourself down on the sofa or floor at your home or on the grass of your backyard. Then, just breathe and enjoy the absolute darkness. Calmly breathe in the fresh air and feel the serenity with your ears. This is the moment to relax yourself and let go of all the chaotic thoughts.

peace pillow

The Breathing Out of Tension

One last way that requires no gadgets to rest yourself is to breathe naturally. Take a deep breath and slowly breathe out the tension and anxiety. Breathe in and out gently—there’s no need to hurry yourself in breathing.

When you breathe in the air, make sure your lungs are completely filled, then breathe out all the air. Continue breathing in and out again in the same way and do this as long as you are comfortable with doing. You can do this breathing practice whenever you like; just choose the time which you feel most comfy with, be it early in the morning when you just woke up, in the middle of the day during your lunch break, or at night before you go to sleep. Make this breathing practice a habit of yours and you’ll find yourself less tense as you lead your daily life. Do try this “breathing out of tension” especially when you’re under great pressure, it’ll work!

final breathe

The above tips are 3 easy ways to make you feel relaxed and comfortable when you feel stressful and nervous. Next time, when you have the feeling of losing your patience and exploding at any moment, do try to take a breath, take a hot bath, and have your pillow ready.

How do you relax?


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