How to Be a Modern Christian Girl

Modern Christian Girl

How to Be a Modern Christian Girl

Edited by Carolyn Barratt, HolographicDreams, Sarah Eliza, WikiDuh and 5 others

For girls who struggle with the Christian faith and how to incorporate it into a modern life, here is how you can blend them and still place God first in your life.

  1. Pray everyday. Start off with reading a couple of passages in the bible. Then start praying. You should start by praising God and marking Him as authority. Then start thanking Him, and pray for yourself, and others. Pray consistently and with patience. Whisper a prayer in the morning, afternoon and evening. Arrow prayers can be integrated in the day. If you have trouble remembering whom you need to pray for, have a notebook and write down whom you must pray for. Promise that person that you’ll pray for them and be sure to keep that promise. Pray with that person too, if they desire.
  2. Send bible verses to friends and family – but ONLY if they are ok with it. While this can make a nice difference in someone’s day, if they have asked you not to include them you are disrespecting them, their wishes, and their beliefs, which is something a modern Christian girl should never do.
  3. Admit your faults. No one, even people who are born again in Christ, is perfect. When we evangelise to others, we must be prepared to be open about our sins. It should be done in a modest way and for the benefit of others who are in difficult situations.
  4. Be trustworthy. When someone tells you something, don’t spread it around. Promise that person that you’ll keep it to yourself. However, if what that person told you is illegal or serious, such as that they suffer from an eating disorder, you need to tell someone immediately. Pray to God for wisdom and guidance.
  5. Be open to God. Do what God tells you to do just like Moses did. God knows what is best for us and even if we don’t realise it now, we may later on. Use the bible for inspiration and pour your heart out to the Lord. Listen to Him.
  6. Do what is right before God. If you know something is not right then be bold and don’t give into it. It may not be easy. It can help to trust in other believers and to trust God Himself.
  7. Forgive others. In the Lord’s prayer and in the bible, it teaches us to forgive. God always forgives us when we sin so we should forgive ourselves and others. It may not be easy, but unless you are thinking of forgiving someone currently hurting you, it is the right thing to do.
  8. Don’t judge others. Only God has the authority to judge others. If we judge others, we will also be judged ourselves.
  9. Be wary of false teachings. You may run across people who tell you something and justify it with “it’s in the bible” when in reality it is not. Similarly, you may run across people who twist what is in the bible for their own benefits or to hold against a certain group. Don’t buy into what these people are saying!
  10. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t say one thing and do something completely opposite. This will cause others as well as yourself to doubt your faith and God. Admit your past mistakes, try to lead a godly life and walk with Christ.
  11. Get involved in church activities. It can be anything. There is always something going on at church, so get involved! If you are worried that it might affect your studies or job, then pray about it. If there is no way to fit it into your schedule, as long as you aren’t shunning Him, God will understand.
  12. There is nothing wrong with being stylish. Just remember when you dress how others will perceive you and what they will think about you simply by the way you dress. Is your clothing pleasing to God? Remember that you have a testimony to keep and although being stylish sometimes can also be modest it is not always and we Christian ladies should always be aware of how we present ourselves for the Lord.
  13. Help others. Babysit for someone, bake a cake for them, help someone with their groceries or shovel an elderly neighbour’s walk. Try to help at least one person every day.
  14. Set up prayer meetings or other Christian events. Invite friends, family, and members of your church to a prayer meeting or other Christian event. If you have time, try to schedule at least one per month.
  15. Accept things gracefully. When a person is unpleasant to you don’t make a big deal out of it. Don’t sink to name calling or fist fights. Simply move on. If you are constantly being taunted by a classmate or coworker though, you should go to [superior]. They do not have the right to do this to you and getting help in making them stop is not ungraceful.
  16. Don’t show off or spend too much. Keep track of what you spend money on and then see if it is all really necessary. Start a budget and you will be amazed how much you can save! This money can go towards treats for yourself, others, and charities.
  17. Be servant-hearted. Jesus calls us to be like this. We should treat others the way Jesus would and always be ready to help others.
  18. Treat everyone equally. This is regardless of their background, nationality, sexuality, and religion. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, and as mentioned above, only God may judge.
  19. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious or intelligent. God blessed us with the gifts to develop our abilities. We should be use them in the right way. God has a plan for us all, he always knows what is best for us.
  20. There’s nothing wrong with having fun. It is good to have fun with other Christian bretheren as long as the activities are wholesome and pleasing to the Lord. And remember to behave like a good Christian lady at all times. 🙂
  21. Be an example to others. If you are struggling with a decision and praying for guidance doesn’t help you, imagine what someone who looks up to you and you care for would think. Will this person be hurt if you do this? Would you want this person to do this? Try to be a leader and a good example for others.

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