Remembering Our Father in Heaven on Father’s Day

It is indeed wonderful to celebrate fatherhood and the glorious gift of a father, not just biologically but more so as a guardian, a helper, a coach. Still, the ultimate gift to humanity has always been the Fatherhood of God; remembering the uniqueness of God as our father seen in the parable of the prodigal son who came back home to be received by forgiving arms. Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. This is truly a good day for fathers to unconditionally forgive relations, erring children or spouses. Celebrate today with generous forgiveness.

Honor today the Father in Heaven who is pained by our wanderings but still loves us, eagerly awaiting our return. The Father that does not wait for our rehearsed apology before He runs to welcome us. The Father who never gives up on us and who forgives and forgets our unpardonable wastages – whose largesse is not reduced by our squandering, our Father that defends us from the justified accusing positions of the older brother. Our trusted advocate.

Today, many homes lack fathers because of the culture that embraces divorce and casual experimentation with marriage. Some fathers cannot be real fathers because of a myriad of problems and challenges. God has never required governments to supervise or finance His purposes nor has He delegated His authority to human courts. Sadly, external influences now rule many homes and fathers are ill-equipped to hold Godly views and apply them to family-life. If Satan had his way, the essence of fatherhood would be completely irrelevant as legislation in nations neutralizes gender and governments stipulate responsibilities increasingly claiming rights biblically meant for parents. But Satan fails again and again.

Pray, as we celebrate Father’s day, that families will be visited and will receive the divine touch of God and restoring power to model kingdom culture as ordained by our Father in Heaven. Pray for grace to forgive and that the power of salvation will touch all your family members. Pray that Fathers will be empowered and encouraged by our Great Father in Heaven.

Happy Father’s day. 


Original Post by The Christian Post Blog


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