Destiny of the Wicked

Cambridge Bible Study Destiny of the Wicked

Cambridge Bible Study Destiny of the Wicked 

Missed out on the bible study? You can follow along and take a look into the questions for yourself:

1. What is the wages of sin?
Romans 6:23
The consequence is ultimately death, after which existence of the sinner will cease completely, forever away from the source of life! Jesus

2. How is each case decided?
Revelation 20:11-13, 2 Corinthians 5:10
Everyone will be judged by God, based on everything they have done while living. A record is being kept of our lives as we live now, then at that time of judgement, those who have fallen short will succumb to a permanent death.

3. By what means will God destroy sin finally? And how completely will sin and sinners be destroyed?
2 Peter 3:10, Matthew 13:40-42, Malachi 4:1, Psalm 37:10, Nahum 1:9
The bible reveals the earth will be destroyed by fire. Whether its fire as we know it now, or a heavenly fire, it will be real after which there will be nothing left, no remains. It will be laid bare.

4. What becomes of Satan?
Ezekiel 28:18-19, 1 Corinthians 15:26, Rev 20:14
After all the sinners and those people who have not been saved are destroyed, Satan will be destroyed forever, he will be destroyed completely, ceasing to exist altogether.

5. Will there be degrees of suffering in the destruction of sinners?
Luke 12:47-48, Revelation 22:12
Everyone will be judged according to what they know. Like the example given, those who know much more and was given much light, will be held accountable for their decision. Whilst those who had less light will be less responsible and their punishment will be proportionate. Ignorance in many ways still isn’t bliss, by choosing not to know, already marks the beginning of the rejection of truth.

6. Where will both the righteous and the wicked be rewarded?
Proverbs 11:31, Psalm 37:34
On Earth. Earth is like the centre stage. It is where the sinners will be judged and destroyed, and also the place where Jesus will return to receive His Kingdom and His own, to make new and restore the Earth back to how it was intended, to dwell with those who lovingly receive Him.



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